Upcoming Training

Upcoming Hardware and Software Training Seminars:

Eastern Region - Fall 2017 - Date to be determined

Seminars are accredited by NABCEP under their continuing education program. 

Upcoming Free Webinars:



Webinars for 2017 are conducted by Dr. Daniel Faltermeier and moderated by Solar Power World.

Prefer onsite training? 

meteocontrol can conduct training onsite for customers.

Email to register for training and webinars.

Seminar and Webinar Subjects:

Seminars are usually 2 days long and consist of lecture and hands-on workshops. They cover best practices and expert tips for installing our hardware, as well as how to set up and get the most out of our data monitoring portals.

Webinars are free, hour long, training opportunities.  Each webinar covers a specific cutting edge topic in the field of solar monitoring. 

Previous topics include:

How Photovoltaic Systems can Help Stabilize and Secure Grids

Secure Your Solar Portfolio: From Single System Failure to Managing Large Scale Photovoltaic Portfolios