Early identification of defective solar modules and measurement of modul performance

Service description

The rating procedure recognized by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) certifies a system’s quality and contingency risk and assesses these factors with a rating of AAA through C, as commonly used in the banking sector. The independent assessment allows for an objective comparison of different PV projects and better positioning within the market.


Electroluminescence measurement

  • Producing an electroluminescence image on-site or in-house laboratory
  • Identification of defects, e. g. micro-cracks, inactive cell sections, screen printing errors, cell contamination and crystallization defects

Low light characteristics
(only in connection with electroluminescence measurement)

  • Recording current-voltage characteristic curvesbelow various irradiance intensities
  • Determination of the maximum power points as well as other relevant operating points
  • Assessment of current-voltage characteristic curve profiles
  • Test report including with the curve profile for efficiency characteristics

Thermal analysis

  • Measurement of individual or all moduless for thermal irregularities using a thermal imaging camera
  • Identification of thermal irregularities such as defective cell strings, hot junction boxes and hot spots
  • Summary report including a list of affected modules with serial numbers and recommendations as to how to proceed further

Thermal analysis by helicopter

  • Measurement of all modules for thermal irregularities from a helicopter using a thermal imaging camera
  • Summary report

Your benefits

  • Assurance of forecasted energy yield through identification of defective solar modules
  • Risk mitigation by module tests following delivery and installation
  • Prevention of dismantling/transport damage due to on-site module measurement
  • Valid report to prove warranty claims to the manufacturer


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