Independent quality assurance during constructing of PV projects

Service desciption

During the construction phase, our experienced experts are present on-site, maintaining communication   between the investor and site management. Thanks to regular quality checks, construction defects are
identified and rectified in good time. This allows the system to start up as scheduled.

The Technical Acceptance allows for a reliable evaluation of the quality of a PV system for both recently commissioned as well as long-time operating systems. A comprehensive inspection, measurements and
analysis of the main components is performed on-site. Particular attention is paid to the solar modules, with random thermal analysis and random module performance measurements.


QA by independent experts

  • Technical advice for the investor
    Onsite presence for direct communication between the investor and the building site
    Quality controls during the construction phase
    Defect identification and rectification prior to technical acceptance
    Checking of milestones for clearing payment instalments
    Smooth and seamless start-up

Technical acceptance

  • Project specifications check
  • Startup and manufacturer report checks and evaluation
  • Visual inspection of all components
  • Detailed on-site measurements
  • Defect removal check

Your benefits

  • Avoid construction defects at an early stage
  • High transparency due to regular and neutral evaluation of the construction progress
  • Commissioning the system as planned ensures the projected remuneration is achieved
  • Security of investment through end-to-end Technical Inspection
  • Time savings due to smooth system handover
  • On-site Module Performance Check safeguards system operation


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