It is of the outmost importance to us that our products are consistently at the forefront - we are consistently adapting them to meet the newest requirements in the field, optimizing usability and adding new functionality.

VCOM: Innovation by Experience

Our products set the standards for PV monitoring. In the coming year we will take the following approach to VCOM: Innovations will be introduced at regular intervals so that we can set new accents and constantly optimize the Virtual Control Room in line with your specific needs. We are thus starting a new series in this newsletter: In 2016, every release will have an outstanding additional feature. You can look forward to heat maps for comparing inverters, a performance ratio for every inverter, individual alarms with simpler configuration options, and much more! '

"Innovation by Experience" is our motto: We leverage our experience to develop innovative solutions that respond to your ideas, needs and suggestions. In the current release for December we are launching a VCOM innovation known as cycling: At preset intervals all the systems in your portfolio will be sequentially loaded into the portlets.

VCOM: Innovation by Experience - heat map

In this issue of our newsletter, we are proud to present the inverter heat map which offers a new kind of data analysis. The inverter heat map shows the standardized performance of all inverters used in a PV system over the course of a day. This enables you to quickly and easily identify reduced output caused by clouding, insulation problems in the inverters or other factors. Outages are also clearly displayed. The graphical information is shown in the evaluation section of VCOM and in the safer’Sun portal under menu item "Analysis".

Direct marketing with the blue’Log X-Serie

Remote Power Control (RPC)

The blue’Log X-Series now provides all the functions you need for direct marketing from your PV system – regardless of its size. The solution fulfills the obligatory direct marketing guidelines that took effect January 1, 2016, for systems starting at 100 kilowatts – and it can also be realized for PV systems in the megawatt range.

The solution is quite easy to implement. You only need two enhancements for your present monitoring system:

  • The Remote Power Control license to activate direct marketing on your present blue‘Log product, plus 
  • VPN router for sending data to the direct marketer

Easy implementation, great benefits:

  • Easy conversion to direct marketing with existing monitoring system / solar park concept – Power Control
  • feed-in management and direct marketing combined in one device
  • Usage of complete meteocontrol system monitoring with all features and benefits
  • Compatible with most providers of direct marketing
  • Easy link up to direct marketers thanks to an open and widely used standard interface (Modbus TCP)
  • Secure data communication with VPN encryption
  • Visualization and notification in the safer’Sun Professional portal and VCOM

A quick overview of the latest regulatory status is available in the blue’Log cockpit