meteocontrol has supported projects in the renewable energy sector for more than 30 years. Our monitoring solutions secure the yield of PV systems and regulate the feed-in management. We support PV projects with our services while planning, implementation and operation management worldwide.


The company’s headquarter is located in Augsburg, Germany with further offices in Milan, Madrid and Lyon. About 140 employees work at these sites. The presence worldwide is expanded continuously with the sister company meteocontrol North America and distribution partners in all important markets. The U.S.A. headquarters is located in Chicago, IL.

Professional remote monitoring and feed-in management

meteocontol is one of the leading providers of monitoring solutions for private and commercial PV systems. More than 39,500 solar systems with a total power of over 10,5 GWp are currently monitored via our systems safer’Sun and WEB’log. Many years of experience and constant technical advancement has enabled meteocontrol to provide a wide range of products. For private PV systems, the Home Line offers a functional system for monitoring and optimization of on-site energy consumption. The Industrial Line incorporates all statutory and grid operator specific requirements for commercial PV systems as well as their remote control for direct marketing purposes.

Our monitoring systems provide reliable data acquisition, detailed analysis and a comprehensive alarm management. The analysis of the respective system data in combination with solar power forecasts for the plant location result in a significant variance analysis for the earliest possible defect detection. The new generation, our data loggerblue’Log X-series, additionally provides innovative functions for efficient monitoring and add-on modules for prospective requirements.

Independent consulting for every project phase

As consultant and technical service provider, meteocontrol provides state of the art technological solutions and accompanies solar projects during the entire lifecycle of a project. meteocontrol is a contact partner for investors, banks, insurance companies, utility companies, trade and industry.

Reliable yield forecasts considering all important parameters are the basis for a well-founded planning. A wide range of services guarantees realization and commissioning on schedule. As technical operation manager meteocontrol ensures a smooth plant operation. We retrofit existing PV parks with a consistent monitoring-system. With precise Solar Power Forecasts based on a high-performance forecasting system meteocontrol offers electricity producers, operators and electricity traders the basis for optimal action adjusted to current market conditions.

Quality assurance and social responsibility

meteocontrol’s quality management system has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2009. At the same time the environmental management system was set up and implemented in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 in order to connect economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. A team of highly qualified and motivated employees is on board to fully implement the company’s management systems and achieve the best productivity possible. With specific and targeted HR development, meteocontrol supports and promotes its employees and assists them in achieving the best possible work-life balance.